Investment Fundamentals


Read educational articles about various investment topics:

​Benchmark Basics

Part One: Understanding Benchmarks
Learn what a benchmark is, how it is calculated, and why portfolio performance may differ from the benchmark.


Part Two: Selecting a Benchmark
Learn the factors to consider when searching for the best benchmark for your portfolio.


​Corporate Bond Basics

Learn about the characteristics of corporate bonds and their potential role in an investment portfolio.


​Emerging Market Bond Basics

Learn about bonds from developing countries and how they have evolved as an asset class.


​Everything You Need to Know About Bonds

Part One: What is a Bond?
Learn the basics of bonds, including the concepts of yield, price and duration.


Part Two: The Many Different Kinds of Bonds
Learn about the history of the modern bond market and the various sectors, from government bonds to mortgage-backed securities.


Part Three: Bond Investment Strategies
Learn about the active and passive strategies investors use in an effort to meet their goals.


​High Yield Bond Basics

Learn about bonds rated below investment grade and their potential benefits and risks


​Inflation Basics

​Learn about inflation, what causes it and how it can affect a bond portfolio.


​Inflation-Linked Bonds

​Learn about bonds designed to protect investors from the impact of inflation.


​Municipal Bond Basics

Learn about bonds issued by states and municipalities and their potential tax advantages.


​Yield Curve Basics

Learn about the yield curve, which shows the relationship between bond yields and maturities, and how investors use it.