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PIMCO Diversified Income Active Exchange-Traded Fund

Please note that this fund will be liquidated on 04 April 2017. Please click here for additional details.1

1 Day Return
$0.03  |   0.06%

As of 3/27/2017

Market Price
1 Day Return
$0.07  |   0.14%

As of 3/27/2017

Fund Description

PIMCO Diversified Income Active Exchange-Traded Fund (Ticker: DI) is an actively managed portfolio that provides comprehensive exposure to the global credit markets within a single investment. The fund employs PIMCO’s time-tested investment process, which combines top-down and bottom-up strategies, allowing investors to make a strategic decision to invest in global credit while placing the tactical sector, country, industry and issuer decisions with PIMCO. DI’s investment universe spans a range of credit sectors, including global investment grade and high yield corporates, emerging market debt and other global credit instruments. The fund aims to manage downside risk by investing in a highly diversified portfolio of credits which have been carefully screened by PIMCO’s global team of more than 55 credit analysts.

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Portfolio Management

Daniel J. Ivascyn

Daniel J. Ivascyn
Mr. Ivascyn is Group Chief Investment Officer and a managing director in the Newport Beach office. He is lead portfolio manager for the firm’s income strategies and credit hedge fund and mortgage opportunistic strategies. He is a member of PIMCO's Executive Committee and a member of the Investment Committee. Morningstar named him Fixed-Income Fund Manager of the Year (U.S.) for 2013. Prior to joining PIMCO in 1998, he worked at Bear Stearns in the asset-backed securities group, as well as T. Rowe Price and Fidelity Investments. He has 24 years of investment experience and holds an MBA in analytic finance from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and a bachelor's degree in economics from Occidental College.

Alfred T. Murata

Alfred T. Murata
Mr. Murata is a managing director and portfolio manager in the Newport Beach office on the mortgage credit team. Morningstar named him Fixed-Income Fund Manager of the Year (U.S.) for 2013. Prior to joining PIMCO in 2001, he researched and implemented exotic equity and interest rate derivatives at Nikko Financial Technologies. He has 16 years of investment experience and holds a Ph.D. in engineering-economic systems and operations research from Stanford University. He also earned a J.D. from Stanford Law School and is a member of the State Bar of California.

Eve Tournier

Eve Tournier
Ms. Tournier is an executive vice president in the London office and head of pan-European credit portfolio management. Prior to joining PIMCO in 2008, she was a managing director and European head of high yield credit trading with Deutsche Bank in London. Previously, she worked in credit derivatives trading at Deutsche Bank and at JPMorgan in New York. She has 17 years of investment experience and holds a master’s degree in operations research and financial engineering from Cornell University and an undergraduate degree from Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

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Fund Information

As of 3/27/2017

Ticker DI
CUSIP 72201R726
Inception Date 1/22/2014
Shares Outstanding 860,000
Total Net Assets $42,922,857.98
Daily Trading Volume
(in shares)
Premium/Discount Average
(since inception)
Premium/Discount as
of market close
Closing Price 50.00

As of 3/27/2017 8:00PM EST

Yield Information

Estimated Yield to Maturity 5.02%
SEC 30-Day Yield 2.26%

As of 3/27/2017

Distribution Yield 3.93%

As of 2/28/2017

Portfolio Information

Number of Holdings 171
Effective Maturity 10.42 Years
Effective Duration 5.36 Years

As of 3/27/2017

Tracking Error 2.85%

Since Inception as of 2/28/2017

Full Performance & Risk

Index Information

Bloomberg Barclays Global Credit Hedged USD Index
Index Description

Bloomberg Barclays Global Credit Hedged USD contains investment grade and high yield credit securities from the Multiverse represented in US Dollarson a hedged basis, (Multiverse is the merger of two groups: the Global Aggregate and the Global High Yield). It is not possible to investdirectly in an unmanaged index.
Index Ticker BGCRTRUH
Inception Date 1/31/2001
Rebalancing Frequency Monthly
Annualized Volatility 4.60%

As of 2/28/2017

As of 3/27/2017

Dividends and Distributions

Full distribution history

As of 3/27/2017

Top 10 Exposures**

CDX HY27 5Y 19.75%
CDX IG27 5Y 16.11%
FIN FUT US 10YR CBT 06/21/17 10.16%
IRS EUR 0.25000 09/20/17-5Y LCH 8.31%
CDX HY26 5Y 6.22%
IRS USD 2.55000 03/23/21-5Y CME -11.35%

As of 12/31/2016

Quarterly Trading Characteristics

Average Volume
In Shares 4,208
In $ $207,369.35
Bid/Ask Spread
In % 1.42%
In $ $0.70
Fund Tickers
NAV Per Share DI.NV
Und. Trading Value DI.IV
Shares Outstanding DI.SO
Est. Cash DI.EU
Total Cash DI.TC