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PIMCO Enhanced Low Duration Active Exchange-Traded Fund

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As of 11/12/2019

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As of 11/11/2019

Fund Description

The PIMCO Enhanced Low Duration Active Exchange-Traded Fund (Ticker: LDUR) is a diversified portfolio of high quality bonds that is actively managed in an effort to limit interest rate exposure while maximizing returns in a risk-controlled framework. The fund offers a conservative core bond strategy that is designed to capitalize on opportunities across multiple sectors of the fixed income market. The average portfolio duration normally is between 1 and 3 years.

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Portfolio Management

Jerome Schneider

Jerome Schneider
Mr. Schneider is a managing director in the Newport Beach office and head of short-term portfolio management and funding. Morningstar named him Fixed-Income Fund Manager of the Year (U.S.) for 2015. Prior to joining PIMCO in 2008, Mr. Schneider was a senior managing director with Bear Stearns. There he most recently specialized in credit and mortgage-related funding transactions and helped develop one of the first "repo" conduit financing companies. Additionally, during his tenure at Bear Stearns he held various positions on the municipal and fixed income derivatives trading desks. He has 24 years of investment experience and holds an undergraduate degree in economics and international relations from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University.

David Braun

David Braun
Mr. Braun is a managing director and generalist portfolio manager in the New York office. Mr. Braun joined PIMCO in 2009 and is head of the U.S. financial institutions group (FIG) and stable value portfolio management teams. He is also a senior member of both the liability-driven investment and the U.S. core portfolio management teams. He oversees management of fixed income investment portfolios for institutional and retail clients. Mr. Braun has 25 years of investment, risk management (including chief risk officer of a large investment company) and actuarial experience. He holds an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of Connecticut. He is also a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a certified Financial Risk Manager.

Sonali Pier

Sonali Pier
Ms. Pier is an executive vice president and portfolio manager in the Newport Beach office, focusing on high yield and multi-sector credit opportunities. She contributes to the Diversified Income, High Yield, Crossover and Global Credit Opportunities Funds, and she has served as a rotating member on the firm's Investment Committee and Americas Portfolio Committee. Prior to joining PIMCO in 2013, she was a senior credit trader at J.P. Morgan, trading cash, recovery and credit default swaps across various sectors. She has 16 years of investment experience and holds an undergraduate degree in economics from Princeton University.

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Fund Information

As of 11/11/2019

Ticker LDUR
CUSIP 72201R718
Inception Date 1/22/2014
Shares Outstanding 4,280,000
Total Net Assets $427,212,422.35
Daily Trading Volume
(in shares)
Premium/Discount Average
(since inception)
Premium/Discount as
of market close
Closing Price 99.79

As of 11/11/2019

Yield Information

Estimated Yield to Maturity 2.72%
SEC 30-Day Yield 2.37%

As of 11/11/2019

Unsubsidized SEC 30-Day Yield 2.29%

As of 11/12/2019

Distribution Yield 3.53%

As of 10/31/2019

Portfolio Information

Number of Holdings 660
Effective Maturity 1.86 Years
Effective Duration 2.63 Years

As of 11/11/2019

Tracking Error 0.93%

Since Inception as of 10/31/2019

Full Performance & Risk

Index Information

ICE BofAML 1-3 Yr Treasury Index
Index Description

The ICE BofAML 1-3 Year U.S. Treasury Index is an unmanagedindex comprised of U.S. Treasury securities, other thaninflation-protection securities and STRIPS, with at least $1 billionin outstanding face value and a remaining term to final maturity ofat least one year and less than three years. It is not possible toinvest directly in an unmanaged index.
Index Ticker G1O2
Inception Date 12/31/1975
Rebalancing Frequency Monthly
Annualized Volatility 0.86%

As of 10/31/2019

As of 11/12/2019

Dividends and Distributions

Full distribution history

As of 11/11/2019

Top 10 Exposures**

FIN FUT US 2YR CBT 12/31/19 71.40%
FNMA TBA 4.0% JAN 30YR 5.68%
FNMA TBA 3.0% JAN 30YR 4.48%
FIN FUT US ULTRA 10YR CBT 12/19/19 -1.20%
FIN FUT US ULTRA 30YR CBT 12/19/19 -1.53%
CDX HY33 5Y -2.82%
IRS USD 3.00000 06/19/19-7Y CME -6.11%
CDX IG32 5Y -10.41%
FIN FUT US 5YR CBT 12/31/19 -11.50%

As of 9/30/2019

Quarterly Trading Characteristics

Average Volume
In Shares 29,304
In $ $2,936,479.94
Bid/Ask Spread
In % 0.07%
In $ $0.07
Fund Tickers
Und. Trading Value LDUR.IV
Shares Outstanding LDUR.SO
Est. Cash LDUR.EU
Total Cash LDUR.TC