Designed to provide well-engineered solutions for a broad range of investor needs, PIMCO Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) offer access to PIMCO’s time-tested investment process and world-class portfolio management expertise in the liquid, transparent and convenient ETF vehicle. PIMCO ETFs are available in a range of actively managed and smart index strategies.


  • Offer access to PIMCO’s portfolio management expertise, including expert trade execution and risk management capabilities
  • Provide exposure to an entire market or strategy with a single trade
    • May be used for portfolio diversification, long-term strategic allocations and implementation of shorter-term, tactical views
    • Provide advantages of an ETF vehicle including intraday pricing, single expense ratio for all investors and daily portfolio disclosure, which allows investors to see what they own on a daily basis, which may be particularly beneficial during periods of market dislocations
  • May be traded on margin or using limit or stop-loss orders in addition to being able to be sold short

    About PIMCO’s Actively Managed ETFs:PIMCO’s Actively Managed ETFs:

    • Offer access to PIMCO’s time-tested investment process, which combines PIMCO’s secular (long-term) and cyclical (short-term) macroeconomic views, specialized resources in every major global bond sector, credit research, security selection and risk management
    • Offer access to the same portfolio management teams and traders who manage PIMCO strategies across multiple vehicles, including institutional separate accounts, mutual funds and other structures

      About PIMCO’s Smart Index ETFs:

      PIMCO’s active portfolio management expertise strongly influences how we think about and manage our index ETFs. Our innovative approach to managing fixed income index ETFs includes:
      • Smart Index Selection and Design – we choose indexes that we determine are structurally sound and stable, suitable, scalable and specific
      • Smart Portfolio Replication – a better portfolio replication method starts with matching key economic risk factors and focuses on liquidity, market access and minimization of transaction costs
      • Smart Portfolio Execution and Rebalancing – a disciplined approach to trading and multiple trading relationships are crucial for best execution and minimizing transaction costs
      About PIMCO
      We are a global investment management firm with more than 2,300 dedicated professionals in 12 countries focused on preserving and enhancing investor's assets.
      We manage investments for institutions, financial advisors and individuals. The institutions we serve include corporations, central banks, universities, endowments and foundations, and public and private pension and retirement plans. We also serve advisors and individuals set on personal financial goals, from preparing for retirement to funding higher education.

      We are long-term investors and thought leaders. Our time-tested investment process guides both cyclical (short-term) and secular (three- to five- year) macroeconomic views and we combine those forecasts with in-depth research, security analysis and portfolio risk management.