PIMCO’s Enhanced Short Maturity Exchange-Traded Fund, ‘MINT’: An Active Cash Management Strategy

Ongoing market and policy developments have many money market investors exploring other options, such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs), for their cash and short-term allocations. One potential solution is PIMCO’s Enhanced Short Maturity Exchange-Traded Fund (ticker: MINT), which recently reached its three-year anniversary. Launched in November 2009, it is the first fund in the firm’s suite of actively managed ETFs.

In this interview, Jerome Schneider, the fund’s portfolio manager and head of PIMCO’s short-term and funding desk, and Don Suskind, head of ETF product management, discuss today’s key challenges in cash management and short-term investing, and MINT’s active portfolio strategies for seeking to outperform money market and Treasury index funds while limiting volatility.